xavier wintersbee
and the book of virtues


Get to know Xavier, Toki and the rest of the inhabitants of their island homeland, Cortoza.

Xavier Wintersbee

Impatient, defiant, and a little too adventurous for his own good, Xavier’s main goal in life is to join his father in the search for Shahili treasure. The 12-year-old son of Cortoza’s chief archaeologist believes he’s ready for adventure – all too soon, ready or not, his wish is granted!

Uma Ulyatt

Sassy, intelligent and many would say, righteous, Uma strives to be the top of her grade – at everything! The junior environmentalist, who is never afraid to say what’s on her mind, wants nothing more than to right the wrongs of an evil president, and preserve her homeland. Thanks to the ever-impatient Xavier Wintersbee, she’s about to get that chance.

Eli Espinho

Loyal, funny, and always a little slow to reveal his courageous side, Eli is rarely the risk-taker. But there is one thing that sparks a fire in his belly and brings out his adventurous spirit – just call him a coward and then, stand back!


Impatient, restless and stronger than any of his peers, Toki has been touted by the elders as the chosen one. The timing and events of his birth, even his impatient soul, were signs that he was one of two chosen leaders destined to do battle with the Nokali. But on his first training mission, the impatient future leader, fails miserably.


Spiteful and full of hate, Tolembi’s defection from the Shahili decades ago has left him with one goal – to destroy his former tribe, the Shahili. Known simply as, the General, his wicked agenda runs deeper than even the greed of the president himself.

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For the parents of the world who want nothing more for their child than a virtuous soul and an adventurous spirit.
A fast paced, action adventure for the young - and the young at heart

Xavier Wintersbee craved nothing more than to join his father on his latest archaeological mission – a search for the fabled Book of Virtues. Impatient for adventure, Xavier sets out on an unsanctioned quest to locate his father, only to become caught in the middle of an ancient tribe’s bitter family fued, sparking a collision foretold centuries ago of the two divided tribes of his island home. Unwittingly, Xavier and his friends soon find themselves on an even greater quest….to save the sacred riches of their homeland from an evil president, and ultimately, find the one true, rightful leader who will reunite the tribes and restore freedom to their homeland – Cortoza!

  • The Shahili - the Lost Tribe

    The ghostly presence of the world's first environmentalists has always protected their homeland's sacred treasures - until now!

  • The Nokali - the Newcomers

    The modern triibe, founded by Portuguese explorer Andres Alvarez over 500 years ago, no longer live in a vibrant, peaceful seaside town - the prophesised dark days are now upon them!

  • The Alvarez Academy of the Unitiated - AAU

    Until initiated into the working class, the youth of Alavrez must attend the AAU - a school where any talk about the days of freedom before the republic, is strictly forbidden - well almost!

  • Who is Xavier Wintersbee?

    With patience, page by page, you will come to know just who this impatient, young Nokali boy really is - or will you?


Casey Ardron, author of Xavier Wintersbee and The Book of Virtues
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Casey Ardron

Casey’s cinemagraphic style draws the reader into the story. It was a story that came to life over a nightly bedtime storytelling ritual. It was a story that had its beginnings in the imagination of young author in the making – around 37 years ago.


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